Care paid for by Medicare
nurse writing down senior patient's medical complaints

For qualified patients, Nextgen Hospice Care LLC uses the reimbursement we receive from Medicare to pay for a comprehensive package of home care, without cost-sharing to the patient or family.

Medications related to the hospice diagnosis
Generally, it is time for hospice when doctors are offering a prognosis of 6 months or less. It is better to begin hospice care early rather than late. Unfortunately, many people are referred too late to fully benefit from all the services offered through hospice.

Supplies related to the hospice diagnosis
If wound care is needed after a recent surgery, our hospice program includes the cost of those wound care supplies.

Equipment related to the hospice diagnosis
If patients need a hospital bed, hair wash basin, bedside commode, etc., the Nextgen Hospice Care LLC program will not only coordinate the rental and delivery of this equipment, we will often pick up the costs.